Dated Released : 2011
Quality : BluRay 720p x264-aAF
Info : imdb.com/title/tt1652287/
IMDB Rating :
Star : Kevin Hart, Meagan Good, Tamala Jones
Genre : Comedy | Romance
Sinopsis :
Centers around the lives of Victoria, Zenobia , Clevon, and Phil -- all friends approaching the age of 35 and struggling to build the families they've always dreamed of. While Zenobia (Parker, "Soul Food," "Brown Sugar") is still looking for a man, Victoria (Jones, "Castle," "One on One") is married to a man who doesn't want children. Clevon (comic Hart, "Not Easily Broken," "40 Year-Old Virgin"), meanwhile, is too geeky to get a woman, and Phil (Keith Robinson, "Dreamgirls") is already married with children, but his wife is not very interested in being a mother. All four of them try to rectify their romantic lives and futures while their biological clocks tick away.

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